Coleman has been around since 1900. It began with one man, W.C Coleman. He began his venture because he had poor vision and just by chance, found a lamp that aided him to read the small print on a medicine bottle. Something he couldn't do beforehand. Thus the first product of Coleman began - the Coleman Lantern. Many, many more were to follow.

Coleman trailers is one of those products and has now become a household name in the camping world. In 1989 however, Fleetwood Manufacturing, Inc. acquired them. Despite the change, Coleman campers remain the best trailer available.

So now you have the travel bugáand you want to get away

Maybe go away for the weekend, a few days, weeks, months and maybe even continually travel?

How do you go about living your dream?

Why not look at at a trailer?

There's so many out there.

Which one do you choose?

Coleman offer tent or pop up travel trailers, the hybrid , fifth wheel RV's and park model RV's.

Depending on how you want to travel is how you choose your trailer.

If you want comfortable, but basic living, then the tent trailers would be for you.

If you prefer to travel with all the comforts of home, with space and luxury combined, then the travel trailers would be your choice.

All of the trailers have the basic features which include beds, well equipped kitchens which include refrigerators, stoves and sinks, water pumps, water storage containers, storage cabinets and battery packs.áShowers and toilets are also a basic feature!

Safety is a priority when looking for a trailer and our trailers are renowned for their safety features.

The more you pay, the more features you'll get. These include awnings so you can spend your time outdoors in relative comfort. Great for the warmer climates. You don't want to be stuck inside if you have glorious weather and stunning scenery.

Imagine sitting outside, sipping on a cool drink watching the sun go down over the azure blue water of a lake or ocean.

To get the most out of your travel experience, then finding the perfect trailer is a must, but it can be a bit of a headache.

Let us help you put all those worries behind you and we'll help you with finding the right trailer.

Before you go out and buy the first trailer you see, put a list together.

Divide your list into three columns.


The three main areas that you probably need to look at are the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom areas.

How long are you going to be traveling for?áIs it just on the weekends and a few times during the year. Just short trips away? Or, do you plan on really getting away and packing up for good. Will you be holidaying or living in your trailer? This should determine whether you're in the market for a tent trailer or a luxury travel trailer.

Who will be traveling with you? How many beds will you need? What size bed do you want?

Can you do without all your luxuries that you're used to at home? Do you have to have that dishwasher? Can you do without the food processor? Think about the cupboard space you really need.

Do you need lots of room to move or just a little?

Do you need heating or air conditioning?

How big is your wardrobe? Do you really need all those shoes?

Finally prioritise your list. Think about what you must have, then what you need and finally what you'd like.
So there you have it, you should now have a decision.

Is it a tent trailer or a luxurious travel trailer?

Whatever one you decide on, you can't go wrong with these beauties and you'll be assured of a great lifestyle




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