Coleman products…where to start? They have so many!

A far cry from its humble beginnings in 1900 when William Coffin Coleman began hiring out the kerosene lanterns for $1 per week and servicing them himself, so he could establish a good reputation.

He did so well with skyrocketing revenues he reinvested all his profits and extended his business into neighbouring communities.

His lanterns were in so much demand that his two brothers-in-law entered into the business with an eight percent interest in the company. Company business continued to increase and he was always on the lookout for original ideas to market his lamps. One such idea was to provide lighting for a night football game in 1905.

Eventually the American government recognised the Coleman lantern as essential for wartime effort and gave him money and materials to produce more lanterns.

The company grew and grew. But then electricity came.

This didn't stop him! He just found another market to increase his sales. The rural areas.

Hard times befell the company in the depression years, however it certainly wasn't the demise of the Coleman Company.

Many Coleman products were to enter the market. Some successful and some not.

The US government called on him to manufacture various products for the armed forces. This he did and the stove he designed was even better than the one the army requested.

After the war, business boomed, however by 1960, the company suffered severe losses when the military phased out contracts for airplane parts.

Two leaders of the company, WC Coleman's son, Sheldon who was then Chairman and President, Lawrence M Jones collaborated on market development and market strategy and came up with the manufacture of adjustable backpack frames, a compact cooler, a small backpack stove, canoes to create a quiet ride, Crosman air guns and camping trailers.

This appeared to be the answer and the outdoor recreation business was on fire.

Today, Coleman is almost a household name, certainly in the camping arena. It is known worldwide because of its quality products, specialising in camping equipment and outdoor recreational products.

The products are sold not only in USA, but worldwide in more than 100 different countries.

Some well known accessories are:

Coleman coolers
Air mattress
Sleeping bags
Air conditioner
Air compressor
Coffee Maker

Another famous product and certainly one of the most recognised would have to be Coleman tents.

What is so great about these tents?

It could be a torrential downpour and the ground is under water but inside one the these tents you'll be dry. They are water tight! They have the tent business sown up, so to speak.

They went to great lengths to make them completely water proof and withstand extreme weather conditions including high winds. From the floor to the sides and even the fly seam were under their scrutiny. Wherever there was a possibility for leakage, they covered it.

So, not only do they have a waterproof tent, a first timer can erect one without any problems. They claim any newbie could install it in under one minute.

So with any Coleman products you choose, know that you're buying quality from a world recognised name.


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