Travel trailers or caravans are designed to be towed by another vehicle such as aá car or 4wd.á They're hooked up by way of a bumper or trailer hitch. They're much more protected and comfortable than a camper trailer or tent.

Theáhistory of travel trailersátrace back to Europe where the Romani people, otherwise known as gypsies, lived and traveled in their horse drawn homes.

The Bristol Carriage Company brought the first leisure trailer to us in 1880, which was built for a gentleman named Dr. W. Gordon-Stables.

They have come a long way since its humble beginnings and is now a popular way of vacationing all around the world, especially with families and the ever increasing grey nomad population.

A huge advantage of owning a travel trailer is that if you love traveling or camping, you can pretty well stop anywhere and rest for a while. No worries about pitching a tent or setting up your camping trailer. No need for expensive hotels or arranging hotel reservations. When you get tired, just pull over and have a rest on a comfortable bed. Boil the kettle for a coffee and have a bite to eat.

Travel trailers range in sizes, from the basic model which comprises of just a single axle two berth caravan with very limited kitchen facilities and no toilet, to the much larger triple axle models, comprising all the luxuries of a home away from home.

Coleman offers a huge range of models from an easy to towásingle axleá17'6" trailer to theátriple axle 39'6" trailer.

Choose from aáColeman Hybrid travel traileráwhere they combine the features of a camper trailer and a hard sided trailer.

TheáColeman RVáfeatures all the comforts of home, and range from a comfortable bedding configuration of two to six.

If you prefer more room to move, then theáColeman Fifth Wheel Travel Traileráwould be more suited to your needs.á They're designed to be towed by a pick up with a special hitch in the truck bed.

All Coleman Travel Trailers are innovative in their design and have luxury foremost in their mind.

Even the most basic of models offer standard features that go way beyond "comfortable".

Just some of the standard features include:

•áá áair conditioning
•áá áheated water tanks
•áá áAM/FM/CD with interior speakers
•áá áLCD flat screen HD TV
•áá áDVD player
•áá ásystems monitor panel
•áá áall weather flooring
•áá áheavy duty wear rated fabrics
•áá ásolid wood raised panel cabinet doors
•áá áwindow dressings
•áá ácooktop stoves and oven
•áá árange hood with 12v light and exhaust fan
•áá ámicrowave oven
•áá ágalley sink
•áá álarge double door refrigerator
•áá átub and shower surround
•áá áfoot pedal flush toilet
•áá áfire extinguisher
•áá ásmoke detectors
•áá ádetachable 30 amp power cord
•áá ábattery charger
•áá áinnerspring mattress
•áá ásafety glass windows
•áá áLP quick connect for exterior grill
•áá áexterior patio light

Depending on the model, you have theáoption to upgradeámany features.

Again, the pricing will vary according to the features you've chosen.

There's plenty of used models available atáRV sales dealerships




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